Death of rivers in Tripura

The death of rivers

I am touched by Sudarshan Baidya’s excellent report, ‘ … Juri-Kakri nodir pare nei kashphuler dola, Shiuleer ghrane pujor aamej’ in the Dainik Sambad of the 24th September 2012; a journalistic research on the birth of ‘Fatikuli Bazar’ and its gradual transformation centering on the rivers Juri and Kakri into a thriving urban habitation and the largest trade and business centre of Tripura, Dharmanagar. Baidya lamented that the river Juri had degenerated into a chhera or an ephemeral stream and the river Kakri for all purpose was dead, not as a result of any natural disaster like earthquake but because they were sacrificed at the altar of GREED of the GOD’s best creation, Man.

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