Forest Rights Act


Despite all the efforts, and the remarkable progress in afforestation through government schemes including the flagship National Afforestation Programme and high finance Externally Aided Projects through participatory JFM approach, the status of forest and forest land in general is pitiable in Tripura. Some of the issues contributing to this gloomy situation are stated hereafter.

MoEF’s March 2011 direction to treat bamboo as a ‘Minor Forest Produce’ - had it gone astray?

The 21st March 2011 letter of the Union Minister for Environment & Forests requested Chief Ministers to direct State Forest Departments to treat bamboo as a Minor Forest Produce and to respect the right accrued to communities as per the Scheduled Tribes and other Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest rights) Act, 2006 (FRA). Bamboo has always been treated as a ‘Minor Forest Produce (MFP)’ in forestry. The term ‘Non-Timber Forest Produce (NTFP)’ in place of MFP was coined much later in recognition to the growing appreciation of importance and value of these forest products.