Sujai Karampuri

Pseudo-science: Vaastu Shastra

Dec 14 2011

Most pseudo-sciences are designed to deceive people. Smarter the people, smarter the deceivers! The proponents of pseudo-sciences devise elaborate mechanisms, terminology, and introduce new concepts which closely resemble those of real science. This ‘resemblance’ is played upon heavily.

Engineering 101

Jul 22 2010

By Sujai Karampuri

The author is founder and CEO of Sloka Telecom, a radio access network solution provider. Hope this article will help our young engineering students to focus on the right thing while at college.

When I joined B.Tech in Electronics and Communications nearly two decades ago, I was told that whatever I learn in the college will be of little use to me in my life because we will not be using any of the stuff taught in the program. I took that advice quite seriously. Instantly I convinced myself that it didn’t really matter if I did not pay any attention to the classes.