Starting an advertising career at a later age

"I'm 30 yr old. Have no working experience. Ii want to build my career as an advertising professional. If I join two year advertising course in NSHM institute, Kolkata or any other institute in India, after two years can I get a job because of my age? Currently i've a stationary shop but my present status never satisfies me ... always I wanted to do in advertising field as a creative pro." - Amitava from Agartala

So far as field of

So far as field of Ad/Marketing is concerned, generally it should be chosen by people with strong creative skills. One should never choose a career because of it looks adventurous, but choose it because he/she has some aptitude in it.

For a person of 30 years it will be surely difficult to make a fresh start. Therefore i suggest the person should first work in direct sales/marketing (albeit with small salaries) for sometime to check whether he really enjoys the field or is just being adventurous. If he is convinced, then he can also take part time or small or medium term courses from NSHM, NID, MICA. A full time course of two years will be wonderful though I am not sure whether he will be interested.

Words of caution : There is no dearth of jobs in this field. However initial jobs are not very high paying compared to other fields. One needs to show creative sparks in first 2-3 years of job. Once you establish credentials there is no stopping you both in terms of money and growth.

Answer courtesy : Dhrubajyoti Banik