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I visited TTFG after ages, I used to bea regular here between 2010-2011, don't what happened I lost touch. It is sad to see that the last activity on this site was April 2013. I am putting a blogpost here again in hope that it will put the ball rolling.

A Perspective on Economy of Agartala

Since liberalization in the early nineties the economy of India has seen tremendous growth which was not stalled even by the dot com bubble burst in 2000 and the recession of 2009. But the economy of Agartala has not been developing in tandem with the economy of the country. The development has been quite slow; though lot of consumer brands in telecom and retail have entered Tripura but that would be mainly because the markets in tier 1 and tier 2 cities have saturated and they are looking for new territories to expand their business.

One Week in a Village School

After my final trimester exam I had plans of going on a pan India tour. But then I saw an email from the social responsibility forum of my college, the mail was from an NGO looking for a volunteer to teach computer at a school near Lonavala for a week. For the last 9 years I have lived in big cities, I always wanted to see the rural life in India. So I decided to take up this opportunity. I cut short my trip by 8 days and mailed them confirming my participation as a volunteer.

Save Shishu Bihar

I am sharing a sad news with you all.
Shishu Bihar School, one of the finest schools of Tripura is going to be divided into two separate schools for Boys & Girls. This 54 year old school is the only govt co-ed H.S school in state, and the only govt school which has classes from nursery to twelfth. Shishu Bihar school as a co-ed school has produced board rankers year after year, students of this school have also represented the state in sports, fine arts etc. Its alumni is spread all across the globe and are in various important positions of authority.

Where there is a will...

Vasanth Kumar S is an 18 year old boy; he has just passed his Higher Secondary exam. He wants to become a software engineer. His father is a coolie in the Chennai central railway station and has a monthly income of less than Rs. 5000. Vasanth also has a younger sister who is studying in school.

Refresh Everything : Indeed a very fresh idea

Pepsi is giving away millions of dollar every month; you have to just ask for it! Yes, you heard it right; under “Refresh everything” Pepsi’s latest CSR initiative it is funding social initiatives. Anybody who has an idea with a positive impact can apply for it in http://www.refresheverything.com/. Pepsi than puts the ideas on their site for voting. The top 32 ideas are given grant of total 1.3 million dollars under the following levels: 2 Grants at the $250,000 level; 10 Grants at the $50,000 level; 10 Grants at the $25,000 level; and 10 Grants at the $5,000 level.