5. Shrimati Sudipta Kar memorial scholarship

An annual scholarship in memory of Srimati Sudipta Kar (1947-2005). This is in recognition of her commitment and devotion to teaching. Being an academician, educator and a mentor to students and colleagues. The value of the scholarship is Rs. 5000 annually starting 2010. The recipient will be chosen by the scholarship committee. TTF will assign a mentor for the recipient should he/she needs one.

This scholarship is being sponsored by Mr. Saugato Seal and the sum of the same amount will be assured per year till the awardee finishes his/her current course of education.

Scholarship in memory of Srimati Sudipta Kar

Dear Mr. Saugato Seal,
We appreciate this noble contribution for education.

Thank you

Dear Saugato,

Many thanks....great support and initiatives