Opportunities in private firms like banks

"I'm a science graduate 1999 batch.. now working in group C category post since 2006..now what are most opportunities I have in private firms like banks, I have also done BCA from IGNOU." - Chinmoy

Need more information

To provide a more specific answer more details are needed like -

A. Type of work done in last ten years.
B. Different concepts/technology known in computers.
C. Self-rating himself on a scale of 1 to 10 in ...

1. Confidence -
2. Communication -
3. Problem Solving capability

D. Reason for not liking present job.
E. Salary now and salary expected.
F. Ready to shift outside Tripura?

Answer courtesy : Siddartha Ghosh

Job with a private sector

Job with a private sector bank in any profile is very demanding and needs sheer determination from the incumbent if he/she needs to be successful. A post graduation in Finance and Marketing or applied certification in Finance Planning is a must for a job with MNC banks. Now you have the credentials, the onus is on you which profile you'd like to be in - Customer Acquisition or Branch Banking. Customer Acquisition is all about targets and achievement of higher sales volumes quarter by quarter! Over here, you will be mainly asked to acquire CASA (Current A/C Savings A/C) from retail or corporate clients, needless to say there will be add ons like MFs and Bancassurances on the cards to sell too! If you opt for Branch Banking, you can't completely shun 'sales' function from your profile, you may have to influence your portfolio to trade more on derivative trading etc. Now a days, majority of banks have multiple channelized products from outside financial house. If you are X Bank, you may venture w/ products from insurance products from company Y.

Now in your case, after looking at your profile and age, I will not recommend you to join this industry. Since you did computer applications from IGNOU, can try for development job if you are good at writing softwares.

Wish you all the best!

Answer courtesy : Nirupam Bhaumik