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I visited TTFG after ages, I used to bea regular here between 2010-2011, don't what happened I lost touch. It is sad to see that the last activity on this site was April 2013. I am putting a blogpost here again in hope that it will put the ball rolling.

Tripura doesn't have the best of health-care infrastructure, though the scene has improved a lot over the last decade but still there is still more to be done. people still go out of the state to Vellore, Apollo , AIIMS etc for treatment of critical diseases. The information about the best hospitals in India, treatment options are still not available on-line.

In India Health-care is still quite unorganized. There is no major national chain of hospital, every state have their local hospitals which are good for certain treatments, for an outsider like me who wants to look for treatment options in a new city he doesn't know where to look for reference. I often end up asking my local friends & colleagues; if they or their acquittance had undergone treatment before they are able to help, if not than I have to try my luck with them.

Same is the case with local physicians, at-least with the coming of Practo we are now able to get some review for them. But still there is a huge gap when it comes to information related to health-care in India, also there is no online forum where you can take advice from fellow patients in India and also share your experience to help others.

Recently I was happy to know that a friend of mine has come up with an online forum for Health-Care in India called, you can visit it here:

The layout is very neat and the users have already started shooting their queries and sharing their experiences, I can see in few years it will have invaluable content for any body looking for hospital review, health-care advice or even tips to stay fit & healthy.

There is also a health blog section where health realted articles are posted and latest health news feeds from across the globe are updated:
In the forum section there are separate topics for diseases like diabetes, cancer, kidney, hyper tension, weight loss etc.
Example thread of diabetes forum india:

Make sure that you also sign-up in RxQure.