Un-classified forest, whose baby ?

Following rescind of the 1952 “Protected Forest” (PF) Notification in Tripura, PF reverted to the pre-1952 status of “Un-classified Govt. Forest” or UCF. The stewardship of this 2195 km2 of UCF, 21% of the geographical area of Tripura, lies by default with the Revenue Department. The situation deserves a re-look. There are community managed forests in some NE states. If that is not feasible in Tripura, the other option may be to entrust management of UCFs to Gram Panchayats in accordance with the Tripura Land Reforms & Land Revenue Rules, 1961.

RubberLife for Future

Blatant ignorance of Nature - Destruction of Natural Forest/Eco System will take Tripura nowhere. If this continues for next few decades - Tripura will be a living graveyard where you need to do breakfast with rubber leaf snacks, inhale rubber air, cook rubber leaf spinach and then die - after death rubber will burn your body nicely - in addition every person gets few Rs1000 notes to chew before he dies. That will complete the Rubber dream.

Blind rush for rubber

I share your concern, anonymus guest.