Mission, Vision and Values of TTF

There is a tricky part when you ask people to join any organization. There will be questions, concerns, expectations. To explain some of those and also to help set the right expectation it is important to explain the values associated with TTF, its mission, its vision and principles.

The following is just an attempt to do that ...

1. TTF's main mission will be working for charitable causes, keeping long term commitments in mind and within its capacity.

2. TTF will not focus into one particular area for charity.

3. TTF will mainly attempt to create awareness for patients/students of Tripura and help financially wherever possible and within capacity.

4. However, charity will not be the only priority of TTF but to ..

   A. Keep LISTENING to members and feedback from all sources and REACHING OUT to them, thus always encouraging and keeping honest-prompt communication using all traditional, non-traditional tools namely phone, e-mail, facebook, twitter, SMS channels, skype conferencing etc.

   B. Remain accountable financially and otherwise. Resolve any conflict using democratic principles. There will no single decision maker. Decisions will always be taken collectively and democratically. This is topmost of the top priorities.

   C. Be result oriented. Start an effort to finish it, not to leave it open forever.

   D. Maintain a spartan but smart way of doing day-to-day functioning using modern technology and management principles. TTF will never focus on being jazzy and extravagant, rather perform work without fanfare.
To do so the operational cost will be kept lowest possible and separate, to focus most on the charitable part.

   E. Members' and donors' wishes, ideas will be the driving force of TTF.

5. Other than what was stated before, we the TTF members also express our our creative selves, thoughts, ideas, observations through the website which may make somebody think, laugh, brood, plan and act.

These are the founding principles of TTF which are not flexible and will always be the guiding light in all TTF endeavors.