News for medicos : number of MD/MS seats increased

Feb 07, 2010

News from (TOI,4th Feb) :
MCI has decided to allow more number of post graduate seats in MD/MS courses from next academic year (2010).

From now on two post graduate seats will be allowed against one professor. It was 1:1 earlier. This will cause an increase of about 2000 seat in various post graduate courses across the country. There by increasing the chances of PG aspirants.

A light Joke

Teacher : Give a perfect example of co-incidence.
One little student : My Dad and Mom got married on the same date, at the Same time and at the same place!!!!

A Quote

"The importance of good and sincere friendship in our lives is like the importance of Heart beats. They are not visible but they silently support our lives."

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nice joke ...we need more

nice joke ...we need more

The quote you mentioned

Thanks Dr. Saha for this information. The quote you mentioned is added to this site's repository. This quote will show up in the 'Famous quotes' block of this portal.

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Thank you

Thank you