Spine surgeries performed at TMC


Here is presentation I made based on the recent spine surgeries I and my team performed at Tripura Medical College. Google did not let me upload the whole presentation due to size limitation. So I had to downsize the presentation to few slides only. Here it is ...

Hats off to the missionary zeal of surgeons

Frankly, I never really wished to look at the presentation. I am, shall we say, scared of surgical procedures. But, after I had a chat last evenning with Dr. Tapas Ghosh, our family friend, I decided to open the presentation along with my wife.

The story of how this bold and courageous venture for spine surgery at Agartala began with an eye on the poor moved us. Hats off to Dr. Saha and his team of Agt Surgeons for taking up and zealously continuing this noble challenging project -- and all this to relieve and rehabilitate the poor patients in Tripura from pain and immobility. I understand from Dr. Ghosh that the procedure continues often from 9 pm to 3 am, followed by post surgery intervention in the morning shift, a herculean task by any standards.

This is what Doctors do for us; and does our society and the system that we created, acknowledge the invaluable service to the poor and to the humanity in general ?

Estemmed Surgeons, Brave Hearts seeped in empathy, kindly accept our obeisance, our salute.

All souls are not kept on ice......

Who says we live in isolation in an ungodly , unhappy and apthetic time ??? ....the world is still beautiful as excellence still comes with commitment...all souls are not kept on ice...
Dr Saha seems to have a firm belief in his team and taken belongingness as a goal of individuality and ..he affirms for one more time that scientific excellence can still help one achieve fullfilment of social obligations and stregnthen his mooring...
Congratulations DR saha and best wishes..we feel proud of you..
Manas Paul

Excellent effort for poor people !

Dr. Saha

Congrats to you and your team. Your effort will certainly encourage others to help poor people of our state, Tripura. Hope more and patients will get a 'rebirth' and will be able to lead a normal life.

Thanks again.


Thank you

Thank you Joydip for your encouraging words. I will keep doing my part of job as practicably as possible.
Salil saha

Dr. Saha Congratulation to

Dr. Saha

Congratulation to you and your team on successfully performing those complex surgeries.


Thanks Biplob
There are too many things yet to be done .
Dr Saha

Dr Saha, Great work!

Dear Dr Saha,
At the outset may I congratulate you and your team on the good work that you are doing for the state.
I am honoured to say that during my days as a medical student I had the good fortune to learn from you not only orthopedics but also about "life". I am sure that there are many young minds in our state of Tripura who need your guidance and support as a surgeon and educationist for achieving their dreams. Your article on Medical education and admission to medical colleges in India is exemplary and a must read for all medical aspirants.
The day is not far when Tripura will be the most coveted state in terms of education and prosperity. If our earlier generation from this beautful state could leave an indelible mark in academics and professional success in every state of India without any support group like the Tripura Foundation, I have no doubt about the present generation making a mark in every sector and industry.
Here I would like to state for the benefit of all readers that Dr Saha himself had left no challenge unconquered whether during his college days in Kerala or his successful medical practice in Panjab and Chandigarh, where he is recognised as one of the seniormost spine surgeons from the prestigious PGIMER.
I again congratulate you, Dr Saha and salute your great work.

Dr Shugota Chakrabarti
Asst General Manager- Hospital Administration
CIHPL, Bangalore