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Spine surgeries performed at TMC


Here is presentation I made based on the recent spine surgeries I and my team performed at Tripura Medical College. Google did not let me upload the whole presentation due to size limitation. So I had to downsize the presentation to few slides only. Here it is ...

Admissions in medical colleges in India - tips and tricks

Mar 26, 2010

As I'm posting this article most of you (students who are aspirants of medical seats) are getting ready to appear in different entrance tests for the current academic year.

Do you know few things related to Kidney transplant? A question answered

Feb 16, 2010

Organ transplant is one of the most advanced forms of modern medical service and enormously improved the survival rate of otherwise hopeless lots of patients.

News for medicos : number of MD/MS seats increased

Feb 07, 2010

News from (TOI,4th Feb) :
MCI has decided to allow more number of post graduate seats in MD/MS courses from next academic year (2010).

"High tution fees" - first impulsive question & response

Jan 30, 2010

Question asked :

Hello Dr. Saha

Thanks for making your column interactive. I've a question.
Recently we saw some controversy in Tripura after management of a Medical college was taken over from Genet. People complained about very high fees.
A student may end up paying 18-20 lac rupees to get MBBS. Virtually this means no poor or lower middle class can afford to study in this college. A student from middle class will be under huge loan to study.
What is your comment on this? Are such fees justified?

Swine flue : few tips

Jan 23, 2010

Swine flu infection is the latest health threat that has caused panic through out the globe. Since it has already spread to almost every country it is better to face this disease with a little bit of boldness and scientific approach.