Tutorial on posting an article on the TTF site

1. Log-in to the TF website using your user id and password.

2. Click 'Create Content' link under the 'Navigate' section on the left side. Refer the picture below.

3. Click 'Story' link.

Note that you'll see this link only if you are pre-authorized by the site admin to create a 'story' entry.

4. On the next page ...

Enter a title for your story in the 'Title field'
Enter the contents of your entry in the 'Body Field'
Tag it as an 'Article'. This is a vital step ... else the content will not show up in the 'article' section at all. Refer the picture below.

5. Click on 'Input format' and select one of 'Filtered HTML' or 'Full HTML' ... whichever is applicable. Refer the picture below.

Both types of the input format is explained nicely. For more information ... TF portal uses the 'Filtered HTML' mode by default. In this mode a few HTML tags are allowed as explained there.
You'd select 'Full HTML' tag to use all other HTML tags ... for example the IMG tag to display an image or the TABLE tag to display in tabular format. Should you need more information on HTML tags, google it.

6. If you are done click on the 'Save' button to save the story, 'Preview' button to preview it.

Once saved you'd be all set. Your entry will now appear in the 'Articles' section.

7. You can also use the 'Split summary at cursor' button (located between the 'Title' and 'Body' fields) to split up the summary and rest of the content body. Place your cursor where you want (to split the content) and hit the button. That means when the entry is displayed it will stop at the point upto which you defined the summary. In that case a 'Read More' link will appear and on clicking that the whole content will be visible. Note that once you click the said button it becomes 'Join Summary' button and they work vice-versa.
If you want that no summary should be shown then take the cursor to the end of your content and then hit the 'Split summary at cursor' button.

8. Should you want to edit the content of a previous story entry you made, then click on the link while you are logged onto the portal. You'll see your entry to appear with two tabs, namely 'View' and 'Edit'. Click on the edit tab to edit it. Refer the picture below.

9. Should you want to use pictures in your story read how to add a picture to your content.

10. Read the posting/blogging rules.