Famous quotes - a good job

Well, whosoever puts up the famous quotes in this website like, "Unless status-quo is questioned, no improvements can be made.", is doing a great job.

“Facebook Killer” Diaspora Finally Launches Alpha Version

Amid some excitement and some skepticism, the so-called “Facebook killer” finally launched its Alpha version earlier this week. The first batch of invitations have been sent. Will you ask for yours?

Hallmark of a Conservationist

Enlightened self-interest is the hallmark of a conservationist. His present is but a bridge with the past and the future. His self-interest pervades time, space and species with love, respect and understanding of the treasures and travails of the past as well the concerns for the future. A conservationist believes in the voice of wisdom like ‘Basudhaiba kutumbakam’, meaning the world is a family, and trusts that together we flourish or perish.

More TCS walk-in. Nov-21, 2010

TCS conducting walk-ins this weekend. Interview will be in Hyderabad and joining location will be Kolkata. This is for candidates with experience.

For more information please click on 'Read more'.

This lead is shared by Mr. Rajib GanChoudhuri.(Thanks Rajib!)

TCS walk in drive 17-21 November across India

TCS conducting walk-ins this weekend. For more information please click on 'Read more'.

This lead is shared by Mr. Rajib GanChoudhuri.(Thanks Rajib!)
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Worst disaster scenario for Agartala

The pre-2004 municipal area (16 km2) of Agartala, the 172 years old capital of Tripura, is a saucer like formation lower than its surrounds. Habitations here were generously intercepted by wide stretches of wetlands, which provided aquatic vegetable, air breathing fish and crabs to the townsfolk. They stored enormous volumes of rainwater protecting habitations from inundation.These wetlands disappeared fast during the steep rise in population since 70s, and therein appeared dreadfully congested human settlements. The municipality pumps out accumulated rainwater now to the river Haora during heavy precipitation. It is protected from river outflow by an earthen embankment. Tripura is in the Highest Damage Risk Zone in respect of earthquake. It is a high rainfall area too.

Within Territory

Here is a video which was submitted to TF site using the upload feature by Mr. Dipankar Sengupata. This is user submitted content which SiteAdmin is posting here. It is about the life, trial, tribulation of displaced Reang (Bru) people in Tripura.