TCS recruitment drive - this week-end and next week-end

Walk in opportunities in TCS this and next weekend

This lead is shared by Mr. Rajib GanChoudhuri.(Thanks Rajib!)

The Park

I see a neighborhood park, Park Gulmohar. Quiet, no qualms, no demands, compromising in nature and high on tolerance level. Personally I believe, that it is because of the Park there is more sun light, people are warmer because they come out of their homes, meet in the Park and talk. Here I make an attempt to know what the Park thinks of us – the daily visitors.

The Vandals-

IIT results: 24 of Bihar's Super 30 crack IIT-JEE this year

Twenty-four students from underprivileged sections have, this time, made it to the IIT-JEE from the 'Super-30' founded by mathematics wizard Anand Kumar.

With this - the total number of Super 30 students having qualified for the IIT-JEE in the last nine years have gone to 236, Kumar told PTI today.

A Perspective on Economy of Agartala

Since liberalization in the early nineties the economy of India has seen tremendous growth which was not stalled even by the dot com bubble burst in 2000 and the recession of 2009. But the economy of Agartala has not been developing in tandem with the economy of the country. The development has been quite slow; though lot of consumer brands in telecom and retail have entered Tripura but that would be mainly because the markets in tier 1 and tier 2 cities have saturated and they are looking for new territories to expand their business.

One Week in a Village School

After my final trimester exam I had plans of going on a pan India tour. But then I saw an email from the social responsibility forum of my college, the mail was from an NGO looking for a volunteer to teach computer at a school near Lonavala for a week. For the last 9 years I have lived in big cities, I always wanted to see the rural life in India. So I decided to take up this opportunity. I cut short my trip by 8 days and mailed them confirming my participation as a volunteer.

Leopard Cat at Tulakona

NTCN channel showed a Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) cub lifted by a couple of youths from a bush in Tulakona village near Agartala while searching for a tiger like animal sigthed by some. Two goats had been missing and the parents of the scared kitten were the suspects. Leopard cats (adults about 60 cm in body length) often inhabit bushes around villages. My first encounter with this beautiful creature was in the mid-70s at Shikaribari village near Ambassa. It is the most graceful species I have seen in its genre. It feeds mostly on rodents, and is that way a friend of the farmers.

Prantik’s new building inaugurated

Apr 4 2011
Prantik’s new building, which is meant to be a dorm for the kids, was inaugurated on April 03, 2011. The Prantik kids are to move from their mud hut to this building. The construction was done on a special initiative taken by the Govt. of Tripura. Furnitures worth Rs. 1.5 lakh were also supplied by the Government. Mr. Jiten Chaudhury, Honorable minister of Tripura took initiative to make arrangement for the furniture. The construction of the building will resolve the issue of the kids living in the mud houses.

Under construction :
The dorm for the Prantik kids

The dorm after construction

The building construction was completed very quickly only in a few months. Thanks to TF-ian Mr. Kishor Ambuly who followed up on the developments in a consistent manner. In the last few months the organizers of Prantik registered their non-profit under the name of ‘Naba Prantik’ and opened bank account. They were helped by TF-ians Mr. Kishor Ambuly and Mr. Nishikant Kolge in all stages. During a non-descript ceremony Mr. S K Panda, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Tripura graciously agreed to cut the ribbon to inaugurate the new building. TF-ians Mr. Amitabha Kar and Mr. Saumen Sarkar handed over cheques worth Rs. 22000 to the Prantik organizers. These funds were contributed by TF-ians Mr. Saumen Sarkar, Mr. Saugato Seal and Mr. Kalyan Bhaumik. This is part of continued support pledged by these TF-ians meant for the kids.