The dust menace in Agartala

Roadsides with exposed soils throw up most of the dust into Agartala atmosphere; and the old practice of spraying water on roads to combat this menace is redundant now due to enormous increase in vehicular traffic in recent times.


We had a gala time celebrating Christmas at Prantik with the lovely children, their surrogate mothers and the starry eyed youths managing the establishment. Put in words Prantik’s goal may read like this: ‘Facilitate Home inmates to grow into responsible and compassionate citizens living on their own in society with dignity.’

We shall overcome

During my last visit to 'Prantik' in July the kids recited this song which was really touching. The video I took is posted here.

The enigma of Bose : ‘His Majesty’s Opponent’

A definitive biography, ‘His Majesty’s Opponent’ illuminates our understanding of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, notes S Nanda Kumar

It is well known that ‘Netaji’ Subhas Chandra Bose waged his major fight against the British from outside India, by raising a legion called the Indian National Army.

Many also know that he initially joined the Indian National Congress and Mahatma Gandhi in the non-violent fight against the British. He died under mysterious circumstances in an air crash towards the end of World War II. But little else is commonly known about one of the best-known figures of India’s freedom struggle.

"How Tripura overcame insurgency"

This article appeared in The Hindu, Sep 19. Even though insurgency is greatly reduced in Tripura, it still remains along with Terrorist camps in Bangladesh. However in this op-ed the author made some good points.

This State demonstrated that insurgency was not an insurmountable phenomenon. What were needed to tackle it were a well-crafted, multidimensional strategy and a positive mindset.

Floriculture brings prosperity to village of Laxmibil

Quoted from a news report in The Hindu ...

A poverty-stricken Tripura village has blossomed into an exporter of flowers after the villagers adopted floriculture with the assistance from Horticulture Department and Technology Mission.
Three years ago, Laxmibil village, in west Tripura district was like any other, wallowing in poverty and absence of gainful work till the the Horticulture Department and Technology Mission stepped in and motivated people to start floriculture.
As it stands, the village now not only supplies flowers to the home market, but also exports them abroad.