Weird incident at IXA

This report in DS (Bengali newspaper) drew my attention specially it happened in IXA - the airport.

Added tutorial pages to-day

Thought that it should be made easy for a willing contributor to post blogs and articles in TTF site. So wrote these tutorials to-day. They are available here Also on the Navigate section, LHS of the screen.

Note that privileges to create content like blog post or article are not available to all users by default. If you are interested in blogging or posting articles please contact us.


Hello readers/visitors

This is my first blog post as SiteAdmin of the TTF site. With help of this blog I'll update you the readers, about what goes on with this site. Would love to hear about what you think of this site too, specially about the things where you think we could or can do better.

Looking forward to hear your suggestions, feedback, particularly the criticism you have. Please post comments.

Happy interacting!

Seven lessons on teamwork - from the Mahabharata


By Kalyan Bhaumik

I'm not sure how I got hold an interesting slide show about certain modern day management principles on team building and teamwork which can be learned from the Mahabharata. Most probably I got this in the form of an e-mail which somebody had forwarded me.

Swine flue : few tips

Jan 23, 2010

Swine flu infection is the latest health threat that has caused panic through out the globe. Since it has already spread to almost every country it is better to face this disease with a little bit of boldness and scientific approach.