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People expect too much these days from medical professionals and always compare the govt hospital services at Tripura with private ones in Metros while forgetting that they were billed as much as possible there! Also a few medicos by their dishonest & often insensitive behaviours and alleged under the table deals with Pharma companies/Patho Labs sometimes bring shame to all of the honestly serving doctors in govt services.

Unregulated price of essential drugs in India: a matter of concern.

One of my article recently have been published in a bengali newspaper of Tripura .. Daily Desher Katha on 10th Sept, 2012.

This is the first time ever I have written something in bengali for publication purpose .. So forgive me if it lacks good literary smoothness.

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Towards HEPATITIS-B free Agartala city

Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura (HFT) is working in the field of Hepatitis-B prevention since 2002. The basic aim of foundation is awareness generation, immunization against Hepatitis-B and early detection and treatment. The foundation received constant help and support from the Govt. of Tripura, particularly Dept. of Health in its endeavor to make Tripura Hepatitis- B free.

For general awareness - counterfeit drugs kill!

Picture says it all!
There are availability of spurious/counterfeit/below standard 'me too'/sound-alike drugs in developing countries like India because of infrequent and often inadequate counter regulatory measures. Specially in less developed states of India like our Tripura, the problem seems to be more pronounced.
Friends be cautious before buying any such 'me too' brand names of drugs that may fall under such categories. Ethical issues and patient safety must be considered and also we, doctors must keep in mind that short term gains by malpractice may destroy one's long term reputation!

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