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Making a small difference in the life of a silent mother by Dr S.K.Panda, Chief Secretary

Making a small difference in the life of a silent mother
(an incident of Gandacherra on 1st September, 2012 by Dr S.K. Panda, Chief Secretary, Tripura)

The enigma of Bose : ‘His Majesty’s Opponent’

A definitive biography, ‘His Majesty’s Opponent’ illuminates our understanding of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, notes S Nanda Kumar

It is well known that ‘Netaji’ Subhas Chandra Bose waged his major fight against the British from outside India, by raising a legion called the Indian National Army.

Many also know that he initially joined the Indian National Congress and Mahatma Gandhi in the non-violent fight against the British. He died under mysterious circumstances in an air crash towards the end of World War II. But little else is commonly known about one of the best-known figures of India’s freedom struggle.

Nigerian Scammers & Tracing Tripura Minister's Email Hacker

By Saumen Sarkar

Once in a while I write blogs as its not something I like a lot but sometimes I have no options but to write on request of friends or awareness issues. About Hon. Minister Mr Jiten Chaudhury's Email hacking is one of these issues which I voluntarily acted upon at Minister's request to unearth the source of hacking which was traced to Lagos, Nigeria - one of the most lawless places on earth. This blog introduces some luring techniques they use in their email communications with target victims. And finally zeroing on the actual hacker.

Internet Security and You

Writing this article as requested by Kalyan, a fellow TF member and about the recent developments with email hacking of Tripura Minister

Network Security, Computer/Desktop/Laptop/Hardware/Software Security, Individual persons Password Policy/Security are three different items . Each of these 3 items needs their own confidentiality and protection mechanisms. A little brief about them here - I am trying to keep it as simple possible.

A visit to the Tripura Secretariat

My experience in new secretariat building is memorable - Secretariat Building of Tripura is certainly made with all latest technology and first impression made us comfortable as we had few business meetings with Govt Officials. Though I don't blog a lot but I was very happy with the glimpse of secretariat building - elevators have piped music - and a very professional look in the offices and wanted to make a post about it. Click on read more for the rest of the post.

Hospital for poor opens doors

Hospital for poor opens doors

The first 100 beds and the outpatient department of the 500-bed multidisciplinary Bharat Sevashram Hospital in Joka was inaugurated on Sunday.

The sprawling hospital spread across seven acres, the only one in the area, is committed to treating the poor for free or at a nominal cost. Monks running the hospital said there were plans to start a medical college on the premises.