UK Academy boy creates history

Debajyoti Nandi, a student from Umakanta Academy, has ranked 328th in IIT-JEE and 4th in WBJEE. This is the best performance ever by any student from Tripura. Debajyoti lost his father when he was three. Since then his family went through many challenges but always provided him great support. To me it is a success of teamwork of Debajyoti, his caring family and teachers of UK Academy. What a feat!

Let’s talk about the mechanism how in India every public property gets senselessly privatized - The IPL way!

A little slow execution of scams and lesser amount of parties would have extended good times for Lalit Modi! As per income tax estimation, he bought a watercraft, a reclusive jet, a fleet of Mercedes S-class cars and everything! He gave every feasible deal to do with IPL to his relatives and friends and parentage or to groups whom he owing money - so that they don't arise behind him. Again, this is as per that study which came out in ET.

Refresh Everything : Indeed a very fresh idea

Pepsi is giving away millions of dollar every month; you have to just ask for it! Yes, you heard it right; under “Refresh everything” Pepsi’s latest CSR initiative it is funding social initiatives. Anybody who has an idea with a positive impact can apply for it in Pepsi than puts the ideas on their site for voting. The top 32 ideas are given grant of total 1.3 million dollars under the following levels: 2 Grants at the $250,000 level; 10 Grants at the $50,000 level; 10 Grants at the $25,000 level; and 10 Grants at the $5,000 level.

New town buses for Agartala

Town buses used to ply in Agartala long time back. I remember that I used take bus no. 1 to return home from school. Don't know why they stopped the service but feel quite nostalgic about it. As far as I remember the routes numbered like 1,2,3 etc. and may had a number upto 10. The new buses look modernistic! This picture is linked from a different website. Hope the new service will benefit people. Will there be a website with the route details?

Swapan Bikash Kar's eye testing machine

Mr. Kar is based in Agartala and serves the Water Resource Department. He has invented a machine to test eyes which need correction. This link has the details about his invention and also the challenges he is facing.

'A simple piece of a pipe, a balloon, a pair of dry cells and other knick knacks get added value when engineer Swapan Bikash Kar combines them all to create a machine to test eyes which need correction.'

Swadesh 2

A Home Theatre, Split AC, A laptop -- or Just 2 Bulbs in your home. Which one do you think excites a human being more.

Air India messes up again - airborne flight returns twice!

IC 243 from CCU-IXA, surely many of us taken this flight, may be more than once. The airline company which has a track record of mismanagement has done it again.

I can sympathize with the passengers. In this sector I have had bad experience too.

Read the news paper reports.

Hospital for poor opens doors

Hospital for poor opens doors

The first 100 beds and the outpatient department of the 500-bed multidisciplinary Bharat Sevashram Hospital in Joka was inaugurated on Sunday.

The sprawling hospital spread across seven acres, the only one in the area, is committed to treating the poor for free or at a nominal cost. Monks running the hospital said there were plans to start a medical college on the premises.

Teaching one child at a time

Well, I just think we may take a look at the working model of Bangalore based Parikrma Humanity Foundation.

First national film award for Tripura

“Internationally acclaimed Kokborok film YARWNG (Roots) won the first national film award for Tripura at 56th National Film Awards (2008) held at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, 19 March, 2010”. For more information please click here.