Elite Tripura troopers to provide security during CWG

Tripura State Rifles (TSR) troopers, specialised in combat actions, will help in providing security during the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi following a request from the union home ministry, a top official said here Sunday.

"Following the request from the union home ministry, one battalion (around 1,000 troopers) of TSR is expected to take up security-related responsibility during the Commonwealth Games," Director General of Tripura police Pranay Sahaya told IANS.

35 years ago : former civil servant remembers clamping of emergency in Tripura

Came across this interesting stuff in rediff. Pasting ...

"B S Raghavan was the chief secretary of Tripura when Indira Gandhi clamped a state of Emergency on June 25-26, 1975. On an official trip in far-away Khowai that day, the former civil servant looks back on the initial days of what was the beginning of 19 dark months in Indian democracy.

On the Wednesday glumly described as 'black,' I was on an official tour in far-away Khowai. (Now, where on Earth is this is your question: And you would be a good Indian too when you ask this. Khowai is in Tripura state which is itself back of the beyond to most Indians. Many an otherwise enlightened friends of mine had a notion that Tripura, a state in its own right at full liberty to mismanage its own affairs under the Indian Union, was variously the capital of Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram or whatever came uppermost to his mind!)

Blue Gold

Most people would call this a fool’s errand. But not S2C Global Systems, a small Texas company now in the developmental stage that hopes to ship billions of gallons of freshwater by tanker to India and the Middle East from Alaska.

Blame game

Blame it on conspiracy. What an easy way out !!!! ya right ....
Mamata Banerjee should be in some investigative agency instead of railway ministry. And to top it 1.5 billion people digesting whatever she says. This is unfortunate.

Can Hindu deities have demat accounts ?

Can Hindu deities have demat accounts to enable them transact in shares and debentures on the stock market?

The Bombay High Court will decide the issue after a religious trust filed a petition challenging the decision of National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL) to refuse it permission for opening demat accounts in the names of five Hindu deities.

"When the Income Tax department has issued PAN cards to these five deities why should NSDL not allow opening of demat accounts in their names?" the trust has asked in the petition, which is likely to come up for hearing later this week.

Cool new Vaccines...literally cool. How cool is that ?

Scientists say they may have discovered a way to develop cool new vaccines—and they mean that literally. By replacing essential genes in a mammalian pathogen with their counterparts from Arctic bacteria, they have created strains that provoke a protective immune response in mice—but that don't spread to the warm parts of the body where they could do serious harm. The team hopes that the method will lead to a new generation of vaccines for major bacterial diseases such as tuberculosis.

NDTV coverage on Rudrasagar boat race

Prime numbers and Ulm Spiral

Mathematics, they say kingpin of scientific thinking. There is hardly any domain of science which is independent of this fascinating subject. Many of the facts which we see in our day to day life in nature surrounding us can be projected through mathematics when it is empowered by human imagination.From shapes of sub atomic particles to distances of the planets in our solar system follow mathematics.Mathematics in brief, is the study of numbers,shapes,logic,events and motion.Number theory plays a pivotal role in mathematics and gem among the numbers are PRIME NUMBERS.

Where there is a will...

Vasanth Kumar S is an 18 year old boy; he has just passed his Higher Secondary exam. He wants to become a software engineer. His father is a coolie in the Chennai central railway station and has a monthly income of less than Rs. 5000. Vasanth also has a younger sister who is studying in school.

Shishu Bihar HS candidates get 24 marks en masse !!

Co-incidence or negligence? This year many HS examinees, from Shishu Bihar got 24 marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (theory part). Twenty Eight students got 24 in physics, Thirty One students got 24 in chemistry, Twenty Six students got 24 in Biology. Naturally there is a subset of students who got 24 in all the three subjects. This statistics is skewed and surely raises suspicion whether papers were checked properly or data was entered correctly in the computer or data was processed correctly in the computer.