Outliers - a review

Thought of sharing the review of a book I just completed. "Outliers - The story of Success" by Malcolm Gladwell.

Gladwell attempts to disprove our fascination with the classic from rags to riches stories, and explains that the extraordinary people we love to cherish were not just simply based on pure ability and hard work, but rather through a combination of chance, cultural heritage, and their initiative in taking advantage of the opportunities that were presented to them and practicing until they gained unique skills no one at their time could match.

A visit to the Tripura Secretariat

My experience in new secretariat building is memorable - Secretariat Building of Tripura is certainly made with all latest technology and first impression made us comfortable as we had few business meetings with Govt Officials. Though I don't blog a lot but I was very happy with the glimpse of secretariat building - elevators have piped music - and a very professional look in the offices and wanted to make a post about it. Click on read more for the rest of the post.

Peepli Live - Few thoughts shared!

During my trip to Calcutta during last weekend, I went to catch Peepli ‘Live’ at a theater on EM Bypass. I admit, after the time Aamir Khan has become ‘only once quality project once in a year’ as actor/producer/director whatever, I like his offerings, not considering box office results i.e. 3 Idiots versus Mangal Pandey. And I was not disappointed.

Acknowledging the positive...

Unrealistic Expectations of Perfection are set by Parents, Teachers and Supervisors in today's competitive world.
Suppose a child comes home with a report card with five As and one B. Usually the first thing his parents will say is, "Why the B?" What do you think will go through the child's mind? Did he try for the B? Or should his parents congratulate the child for the B and accept a lower standard?

What the child is really looking for is acknowledgment and encouragement for the effort in getting the five A's. A parent, after acknowledging and praising the As, can make clear

Green leafy vegetables cut diabetes risk

This study reported by Reuters UK says “Green leafy vegetables cut diabetes risk” (not hearing first time though!) and carries a picture of a farmer working in a cabbage field on the outskirts of Agartala.

For more information please click here.

Talking through..

We're an engineering culture. As such, I expect little argument that the shortest distance (the most efficient route) between two points is a straight line.

It is a geometric truth, and it is a communications truth too.

Usually our circuitous communication is well-intentioned. No one wants to hurt someone's feelings. Neither do we want to appear rude or disrespectful. And sometimes fear is involved too-- fear of disagreement, or fear of an inappropriate reaction.

Economic emancipation of NE would be bamboo based, but … … …

New technology for high-end industrial products from bamboo has put this tall grass in the center-stage for economic development in the North East -- but for a little irritant.
One has to contend with transit restrictions under the Forest Act even for bamboo grown on farmlands. Official confirmation of private land as the source of any consignment is a long-drawn-out process to say the least and often awfully frustrating. China, Japan and Malaysia dominate the global trade in industrial bamboo products, and this way we would be nowhere.
There is space to enhance productivity with higher returns to bamboo farmers. Market forces should eventually ensure its intensive management with rise in its demand as well as price as an industrial raw material, provided transit restriction stops playing the damper.

Lifting transit restriction on bamboo is a must to stimulate growth in the sector and for enthusiastic sustained participation of farmers, traders and industries. Let us change rather than violate the law. But it is easier said then done.

So, how do we address this malady, if you too judge this to be so?

Video on tradition of Garia Puja

The Secret Powers of time

For book lovers - Free Downloadable books

A. S. W. Rosenbach's famous quote "After love, book collecting is the most exhilarating sports of all"

If you are a avid book reader here is something that you should explore.


Project Gutenberg is a free service open to all of you with no membership required. How cool is that ?

At this point most everyone has heard of LibraryThing, the most popular social cataloging website online, and perhaps even of the Amazon-owned Shelfari, but here are a few websites for book lovers that you may not have heard about:

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Happy reading !!!