Safe Email Practices

In continuation of discussion on safe email practices...

Safe Email Practices

• Don’t open email attachments unless you know what they are. They might contain trojans and viruses which would install in your computer without your knowledge.
• Avoid logging into the system using administrative user id’s.
• Don’t open, forward or reply to spam or suspicious emails; delete them
• Be aware of sure signs of scam email.
Not addressed to you by name
Asks for personal or financial information
Asks you for password

TF member traced hacker of Minister Chaudhury's e-mail account

SiteAdmin is glad to share this ...

As you are aware from News Media and Tripura Foundation emails that Mr. Jiten Chaudhury's email was hacked. As Mr. Chaudhury is an Honorary member of Tripura Foundation(TF) (TF is a platform for Tripurites all over the world) ... Mr. Chaudhury casually informed TF about email hacking from Delhi. Mr. Saumen Sarkar, Network Communications Engineer based in USA, who is also very active in TF's activities, communicated with Mr. Chaudhury and his email recipient friends and tracked the Hacker. Its been reported to Mr. Chaudhury and authorities to take further action.

Note on comments on this blog post : Even after a total of 41 comments were posted the discussion was not going anywhere. The commenters who wrote of Chittagong connection of the hacker did not provide specific data or explain to show how the Nigerian IP was traced to the Bangladesh IP. To save everybody's bandwidth and time SiteAdmin is turning off commenting on this post. If any new post is made on this matter, commenting can be resumed there. However, SideAdmin is requesting all future commenters to stick to specifics and avoid providing details not relevant to the actual topic. Thanks.

Internet Security and You

Writing this article as requested by Kalyan, a fellow TF member and about the recent developments with email hacking of Tripura Minister

Network Security, Computer/Desktop/Laptop/Hardware/Software Security, Individual persons Password Policy/Security are three different items . Each of these 3 items needs their own confidentiality and protection mechanisms. A little brief about them here - I am trying to keep it as simple possible.

Puja Parikrama

With the advent of Durga Puja, I though of sharing a small post with you. This is regarding some creative activity of Sri Samiran Dey. Samiran da is a resident of Ramkrishna Ashram Lane, Agartala. He is a Teacher of English Language by profession.

He has come up with an innovative an creative concept of creating Devi Murti with White chalk I am attaching the pics along with the post. .Its really amazing that the whole art created on Chalk took 3/4 nights to complete.


Prantik - a story of a few silent heroes

If I were to tell you there are a few silent heroes working in a village called Athaish Card Colony in Amtali area many people would not recognize the place at all. If I were to tell people that these champions of a cause run an orphanage called ‘Prantik’ barely 75 yards from Rose Valley Park most people would recognize the place. I was fortunate to visit the orphanage on last Sunday, 3rd October with two of my younger friends, journalist Manas and professor Nishikant. While Manas tried to drive his vehicle in a breakneck speed I tried to engage him in a conversation and control his speed. The only mark that a few mud-walled huts were our target orphanage was a small signboard declaring the place as ‘Prantik’, registration number 5555 of 2008. The sign board was donated by a business group who pronounces its e-mail address very visibly on the flex signboard proudly. Oh, so much so for quiet social service by business houses, I thought.

Dipa Karmakar - lone athlete representing Tripura at CWG

Dipa Karmakar is the only athlete who is representing Tripura on the Commonwealth games 2010. She hails from Ujan Abhaynagar in Agartala and a student of class XII at Abhaynagar Najrul Memorial School. The eighteen year old is currently ranked 30th in vaulting table in the world. She is probably the best gymnast in the country.

Dipa is competing for an individual medal on Oct 5 at the games.

Good luck Dipa, wishing you the best !

The making of Sachin Karta

SD Burman
Here is an interesting article on music maestro Sachin Dev Burman which I came across recently. Pasting ...

"In the late twenties, His Master's Voice, popularly known as HMV, the most powerful recording company of the time roped in Kazi Nazrul Islam as a trainer under Ustad Zamiruddin Khan, the Chief Trainer. On the other hand, HMV rejected Sachin Dev Burman on the ground that his voice had a nasal twang! Kundanlal Saigal also had the same fate. Undeterred, 'Sachin Korta', as he was then known, continued his struggle from his one room apartment at Palit Street, Calcutta.

Sinju - Green Salad: Key to better health of Manipuris ??

Manipuris savour green salad or Sinju as a delicacy. Making this is an art. Green raw leafy vegetables like cabbage and several others are finely shred and garnished with roasted ground dal (besan) to make Sinju. In season green tender pods of tree beans or Yangchak (Parkia roxburgii) are also added. That adds to the taste and nutritive value in terms of protein. Many would like to flavour Sinju with Sidal (fermented fish) roasted on fire. But that is optional. I for one would prefer it without.

Mary Kom, we salute you

People of the Northeast despite geographical isolation, weak communication linkage, deficiency of basic infrastructure and associated evils continue to demonstrate tremendous resilience in adversity; unique traits of creativity and sensitivity in artistic pursuits and hunger for excellence in sports and athletics.

Ms MC Mary Kom, mother of two, the five-time World Boxing Champion from the insurgency ridden Manipur demonstrated this spirit and determination once again.

Bamboo no MIRACLE CROP. Its good but serious business

I attended a presentation by Dr. Victor Brias, Executive Member, World Bamboo Organisation in a seminar at Kohima on 17th Sept. An indicative summary follows for those who care.