Leopard Cat at Tulakona

NTCN channel showed a Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) cub lifted by a couple of youths from a bush in Tulakona village near Agartala while searching for a tiger like animal sigthed by some. Two goats had been missing and the parents of the scared kitten were the suspects. Leopard cats (adults about 60 cm in body length) often inhabit bushes around villages. My first encounter with this beautiful creature was in the mid-70s at Shikaribari village near Ambassa. It is the most graceful species I have seen in its genre. It feeds mostly on rodents, and is that way a friend of the farmers.

What About Google's New Algorithm ???

Hello Everyone! Have you heard about Google's new Search Algorithm? No? Ok no problem, Let me tell you about it...

Social Media and Revolution

Is this a new beginning ? The jubiliation was enormous with the citizens of Egypt. The downfall of Mubarak's regime, which reigned supreme for 30 years. Toppled in a mere 18 days, followed by massive protests and strikes across the Arab world’s most populous nation.

A tribute to Shri Rakesh Chandra Dey

Save Shishu Bihar

I am sharing a sad news with you all.
Shishu Bihar School, one of the finest schools of Tripura is going to be divided into two separate schools for Boys & Girls. This 54 year old school is the only govt co-ed H.S school in state, and the only govt school which has classes from nursery to twelfth. Shishu Bihar school as a co-ed school has produced board rankers year after year, students of this school have also represented the state in sports, fine arts etc. Its alumni is spread all across the globe and are in various important positions of authority.

Basics of storage concepts – for school students

Almost every book on computer applications at the school level skip the beauty of the mathematics behind it. In fact basic counting principles are very easy to understand & should be part of every curricula
Excluding it leaves the interesting & easy but important basic part
The concept of 2
Most of the computational data is stored & evaluated as binary numbers
Each digit of a binary number(base 2) is either 0 or 1(one less than the base of the system)
Why just 2 ?

Requirement for a cell phone usage control norm/standard

This headline may raise eye-brows! Why there should be a control standard? But there are several instances I feel that we lag behind a standardized method to control cellphones. Almost all of us use cell phone now a day. This device has amazing functional capabilities like musical ringtones, cameras, music players, voice recorders, internet, and many more. The problem is that, with the devices being carried by almost everyone, a lot of problems arise. At times, people really fail to manage this equipment with due intelligence and maturity.

NO TOEFL Exam Centre in NE

Mr. Wahid Saleh, an NRI based in Netherland is working for setting up the first TOEFL Examination Centre in the North East at Tezpur. Link below:

Nigerian Scammers & Tracing Tripura Minister's Email Hacker

By Saumen Sarkar

Once in a while I write blogs as its not something I like a lot but sometimes I have no options but to write on request of friends or awareness issues. About Hon. Minister Mr Jiten Chaudhury's Email hacking is one of these issues which I voluntarily acted upon at Minister's request to unearth the source of hacking which was traced to Lagos, Nigeria - one of the most lawless places on earth. This blog introduces some luring techniques they use in their email communications with target victims. And finally zeroing on the actual hacker.

The kids of Prantik

Since I got involved with Prantik I wished that a proper introduction of the kids was available in the website. I had a chance to photograph the kids during my latest visit to Prantik on Dec 18. Posting here the pictures and short introduction. Out of the 24 kids I could meet 23. I could not meet Ajay Sarkar who was out to visit a relative.

Here are the pictures of the other kids. Please click on Read more for a detailed view. You may click on an individual picture to see it in flickr. The post in flickr has information on current education status of each kid.