Making a small difference in the life of a silent mother by Dr S.K.Panda, Chief Secretary

Making a small difference in the life of a silent mother
(an incident of Gandacherra on 1st September, 2012 by Dr S.K. Panda, Chief Secretary, Tripura)

Unregulated price of essential drugs in India: a matter of concern.

One of my article recently have been published in a bengali newspaper of Tripura .. Daily Desher Katha on 10th Sept, 2012.

This is the first time ever I have written something in bengali for publication purpose .. So forgive me if it lacks good literary smoothness.

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MoEF’s March 2011 direction to treat bamboo as a ‘Minor Forest Produce’ - had it gone astray?

The 21st March 2011 letter of the Union Minister for Environment & Forests requested Chief Ministers to direct State Forest Departments to treat bamboo as a Minor Forest Produce and to respect the right accrued to communities as per the Scheduled Tribes and other Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest rights) Act, 2006 (FRA). Bamboo has always been treated as a ‘Minor Forest Produce (MFP)’ in forestry. The term ‘Non-Timber Forest Produce (NTFP)’ in place of MFP was coined much later in recognition to the growing appreciation of importance and value of these forest products.

Un-classified forest, whose baby ?

Following rescind of the 1952 “Protected Forest” (PF) Notification in Tripura, PF reverted to the pre-1952 status of “Un-classified Govt. Forest” or UCF. The stewardship of this 2195 km2 of UCF, 21% of the geographical area of Tripura, lies by default with the Revenue Department. The situation deserves a re-look. There are community managed forests in some NE states. If that is not feasible in Tripura, the other option may be to entrust management of UCFs to Gram Panchayats in accordance with the Tripura Land Reforms & Land Revenue Rules, 1961.

Typical : "87% professionals can't name all northeast India states"

Typical about a professional from 'mainland India' !

"An overwhelming 87% professionals can't name all the states of North East India, a survey of 458 people from sectors like the media, communication, advertising, public relations, human resources, finance and marketing -- whose media consumption is considerably higher than an average Indian -- has revealed."

Related video is from CNN-IBN. (If video does
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Key highlights:
1. 52% have a highly negative perception about North East India
2. 76% have no idea about any peace talks going on between govt and any militant group of NE
3. 91% have no knowledge about Northeast Industrial Policy ....

A child in Agartala Orphanage needs psychiatrist support

We were, during a recent visit to Prantik, sad to see that the affable and ever cheerful Malati was passing through a bout of depression. She does not go to school and cannot join the rest of the orphanage children in games, being physically challenged resulting from a grievous burn injury; and that may be at the root of the present malady. This calls for professional intervention by a benevolent psychiatrist.

Towards HEPATITIS-B free Agartala city

Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura (HFT) is working in the field of Hepatitis-B prevention since 2002. The basic aim of foundation is awareness generation, immunization against Hepatitis-B and early detection and treatment. The foundation received constant help and support from the Govt. of Tripura, particularly Dept. of Health in its endeavor to make Tripura Hepatitis- B free.

For general awareness - counterfeit drugs kill!

Picture says it all!
There are availability of spurious/counterfeit/below standard 'me too'/sound-alike drugs in developing countries like India because of infrequent and often inadequate counter regulatory measures. Specially in less developed states of India like our Tripura, the problem seems to be more pronounced.
Friends be cautious before buying any such 'me too' brand names of drugs that may fall under such categories. Ethical issues and patient safety must be considered and also we, doctors must keep in mind that short term gains by malpractice may destroy one's long term reputation!

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Convergence of MGNREGA with National Afforestation Programme

The mad rush to use MGNREGA to augment the National Afforestation Programme (NAP) has its pitfalls. While wage employment for vulnerable rural people guaranteed under the flagship scheme is a critical necessity in India as of today, success of NAP is of vital importance for humanity at large both for today and tomorrows. The half-hearted MGNREGA mechanism to secure outputs has remained and will remain ineffective by and large given the nature of the programme. An earthen embankment constructed under MGNREGA in uplands for rainwater harvesting may, therefore, remain unfinished, turning out to be a major threat rather than a boon to the neighbourhood.

Professionalism in Government

Decline in professionalism in Government since independence is the result of continued attrition and ruthless marginalisation of professional people vis-à-vis civil servants.