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I visited TTFG after ages, I used to bea regular here between 2010-2011, don't what happened I lost touch. It is sad to see that the last activity on this site was April 2013. I am putting a blogpost here again in hope that it will put the ball rolling.


People expect too much these days from medical professionals and always compare the govt hospital services at Tripura with private ones in Metros while forgetting that they were billed as much as possible there! Also a few medicos by their dishonest & often insensitive behaviours and alleged under the table deals with Pharma companies/Patho Labs sometimes bring shame to all of the honestly serving doctors in govt services.

Politicians and statesmen

Politicians too obsessed with petty personal agenda constitute the majority; and from the rest only a very few endowed with rare wisdom and given to hard work with empathy make the statesmen of the world.

Dignity of citizens

‘Leader’ tag to office bearers of political parties, MLAs and Ministers undermines the dignity of citizens.

Rape is an exclusive preserve of male Homo sapiens

No creature other than male Homo sapiens indulge in rape. This again is the only species that has been destroying the habitats not only of other fellow living organisms but very surely its own too. A bunch of lunatics, we are. The world would be much better without this species, nay the male part of it.

Clarion call to save Un-classified Government Forest in Tripura

Following rescind of the 1952 “Protected Forest” (PF) Notification in Tripura on the 9th August 1982, PF reverted to the pre-1952 status of Un-classified Government Forest (UCF). Stewardship of this 2195 square km of UCF, 21% of the geographical area of Tripura, lies now by default with the Revenue Department. The IPC, and not the Indian Forest Act, provides protection to UCF. There would be hardly any case under IPC against destruction of forest and forest land in UCF in the state.


Despite all the efforts, and the remarkable progress in afforestation through government schemes including the flagship National Afforestation Programme and high finance Externally Aided Projects through participatory JFM approach, the status of forest and forest land in general is pitiable in Tripura. Some of the issues contributing to this gloomy situation are stated hereafter.


Thrift is a virtue except when the practitioner enjoys cajoling others to be thriftless.

Making "One plus one eleven (1+1=11)" by Dr. SK Panda

The death of rivers

I am touched by Sudarshan Baidya’s excellent report, ‘ … Juri-Kakri nodir pare nei kashphuler dola, Shiuleer ghrane pujor aamej’ in the Dainik Sambad of the 24th September 2012; a journalistic research on the birth of ‘Fatikuli Bazar’ and its gradual transformation centering on the rivers Juri and Kakri into a thriving urban habitation and the largest trade and business centre of Tripura, Dharmanagar. Baidya lamented that the river Juri had degenerated into a chhera or an ephemeral stream and the river Kakri for all purpose was dead, not as a result of any natural disaster like earthquake but because they were sacrificed at the altar of GREED of the GOD’s best creation, Man.

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