Rare and old pix of Royalty

Apr 7 2012
These rare pictures are shared from private collection of Princess Pragya Deb Burman with her kind permission. Click on each thumbnail for better resolution and to go back in time !

Grateful to Princess Pragya

Grateful to Princess Pragya Deb Burman for making these rare historic photos public

photographs of Tripura royalty

It is a treasure trove. I found some rare photographs of Tripura royalty with Sen Babu of Studio Senco at Hawkers' corner. I advised him to sell them in albums after labeling.I am sure he will be a rich man if he goes by my advice.

photographs of Tripura royalty

Dear Mr Achintya were you able to buy any photographs from Senco ? I would be interested to buy / collect -if you have any further information - please contact me - my email contact is

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Great Heritage

A great heritage and symbols of glorious Royalty of Tripura - which we all Tripurites are proud of ......Tripura's Maharajas were great visionaries and statesmen...those were golden days. Many thanks for putting into site.

Unfortunately present days cash hungry politicians have no idea of heritage, culture or history - all they understand is how much can be pocketed from State - so they are always on a rampage to destroy every beautiful item of Tripura - be it Natural Forest or any good things State had.