The death of rivers

I am touched by Sudarshan Baidya’s excellent report, ‘ … Juri-Kakri nodir pare nei kashphuler dola, Shiuleer ghrane pujor aamej’ in the Dainik Sambad of the 24th September 2012; a journalistic research on the birth of ‘Fatikuli Bazar’ and its gradual transformation centering on the rivers Juri and Kakri into a thriving urban habitation and the largest trade and business centre of Tripura, Dharmanagar. Baidya lamented that the river Juri had degenerated into a chhera or an ephemeral stream and the river Kakri for all purpose was dead, not as a result of any natural disaster like earthquake but because they were sacrificed at the altar of GREED of the GOD’s best creation, Man.

We have some government reports on the status of rivers in Tripura; and I think a multi-disciplinary study on any of the important river systems here should be organized by Tripura University to know the whys of degradation and how to resuscitate them for our children.

Who will Save Tripura Forests, Rivers?

More rubber, more misery - nothing is left in forests. Even God also cannot save these destruction caused by ever hungry ever destroying population - so hopefully Nature will take revenge someday and Tripura's natural forest will come back after 100 yrs

I share your concern

@Anonymous 09/27/2012. Friend, long ago during my college days, I had chanced upon a line in a poem that read like – You will even sell a handful of the blue sky to prolong your decadence. This is not a quote but whatever resonates till day in my psyche of that beautiful poem titled ‘Mother’ in an issue of the Debonair. I thought I should share this with you.

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Even Howrah river is dying

Even Howrah river is dying. Sad. It will be too late even if people realize some day.

Need an Amir Khan to get things moving

@IXA. Yes, Friend this indeed is sad and utterly frustrating. The ever flowing fountain that had quenched my thirst with cool, sparkling water on a hot summer day in 1979 in Mongpui in the Jampui hills was dry during my visit in 2005. Most hill streams in the state carry loads of mud during rains and go virtually dry rest of the time.

We may need an Amir Khan here to get things moving, I believe.