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Sinju - Green Salad: Key to better health of Manipuris ??

Manipuris savour green salad or Sinju as a delicacy. Making this is an art. Green raw leafy vegetables like cabbage and several others are finely shred and garnished with roasted ground dal (besan) to make Sinju. In season green tender pods of tree beans or Yangchak (Parkia roxburgii) are also added. That adds to the taste and nutritive value in terms of protein. Many would like to flavour Sinju with Sidal (fermented fish) roasted on fire. But that is optional. I for one would prefer it without.

Mary Kom, we salute you

People of the Northeast despite geographical isolation, weak communication linkage, deficiency of basic infrastructure and associated evils continue to demonstrate tremendous resilience in adversity; unique traits of creativity and sensitivity in artistic pursuits and hunger for excellence in sports and athletics.

Ms MC Mary Kom, mother of two, the five-time World Boxing Champion from the insurgency ridden Manipur demonstrated this spirit and determination once again.

Bamboo no MIRACLE CROP. Its good but serious business

I attended a presentation by Dr. Victor Brias, Executive Member, World Bamboo Organisation in a seminar at Kohima on 17th Sept. An indicative summary follows for those who care.

Economic emancipation of NE would be bamboo based, but … … …

New technology for high-end industrial products from bamboo has put this tall grass in the center-stage for economic development in the North East -- but for a little irritant.
One has to contend with transit restrictions under the Forest Act even for bamboo grown on farmlands. Official confirmation of private land as the source of any consignment is a long-drawn-out process to say the least and often awfully frustrating. China, Japan and Malaysia dominate the global trade in industrial bamboo products, and this way we would be nowhere.
There is space to enhance productivity with higher returns to bamboo farmers. Market forces should eventually ensure its intensive management with rise in its demand as well as price as an industrial raw material, provided transit restriction stops playing the damper.

Lifting transit restriction on bamboo is a must to stimulate growth in the sector and for enthusiastic sustained participation of farmers, traders and industries. Let us change rather than violate the law. But it is easier said then done.

So, how do we address this malady, if you too judge this to be so?