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A child in Agartala Orphanage needs psychiatrist support

We were, during a recent visit to Prantik, sad to see that the affable and ever cheerful Malati was passing through a bout of depression. She does not go to school and cannot join the rest of the orphanage children in games, being physically challenged resulting from a grievous burn injury; and that may be at the root of the present malady. This calls for professional intervention by a benevolent psychiatrist.

Convergence of MGNREGA with National Afforestation Programme

The mad rush to use MGNREGA to augment the National Afforestation Programme (NAP) has its pitfalls. While wage employment for vulnerable rural people guaranteed under the flagship scheme is a critical necessity in India as of today, success of NAP is of vital importance for humanity at large both for today and tomorrows. The half-hearted MGNREGA mechanism to secure outputs has remained and will remain ineffective by and large given the nature of the programme. An earthen embankment constructed under MGNREGA in uplands for rainwater harvesting may, therefore, remain unfinished, turning out to be a major threat rather than a boon to the neighbourhood.

Professionalism in Government

Decline in professionalism in Government since independence is the result of continued attrition and ruthless marginalisation of professional people vis-à-vis civil servants.

The dust menace in Agartala

Roadsides with exposed soils throw up most of the dust into Agartala atmosphere; and the old practice of spraying water on roads to combat this menace is redundant now due to enormous increase in vehicular traffic in recent times.


We had a gala time celebrating Christmas at Prantik with the lovely children, their surrogate mothers and the starry eyed youths managing the establishment. Put in words Prantik’s goal may read like this: ‘Facilitate Home inmates to grow into responsible and compassionate citizens living on their own in society with dignity.’

Leopard Cat at Tulakona

NTCN channel showed a Leopard Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) cub lifted by a couple of youths from a bush in Tulakona village near Agartala while searching for a tiger like animal sigthed by some. Two goats had been missing and the parents of the scared kitten were the suspects. Leopard cats (adults about 60 cm in body length) often inhabit bushes around villages. My first encounter with this beautiful creature was in the mid-70s at Shikaribari village near Ambassa. It is the most graceful species I have seen in its genre. It feeds mostly on rodents, and is that way a friend of the farmers.

NO TOEFL Exam Centre in NE

Mr. Wahid Saleh, an NRI based in Netherland is working for setting up the first TOEFL Examination Centre in the North East at Tezpur. Link below:

Famous quotes - a good job

Well, whosoever puts up the famous quotes in this website like, "Unless status-quo is questioned, no improvements can be made.", is doing a great job.

Hallmark of a Conservationist

Enlightened self-interest is the hallmark of a conservationist. His present is but a bridge with the past and the future. His self-interest pervades time, space and species with love, respect and understanding of the treasures and travails of the past as well the concerns for the future. A conservationist believes in the voice of wisdom like ‘Basudhaiba kutumbakam’, meaning the world is a family, and trusts that together we flourish or perish.

Worst disaster scenario for Agartala

The pre-2004 municipal area (16 km2) of Agartala, the 172 years old capital of Tripura, is a saucer like formation lower than its surrounds. Habitations here were generously intercepted by wide stretches of wetlands, which provided aquatic vegetable, air breathing fish and crabs to the townsfolk. They stored enormous volumes of rainwater protecting habitations from inundation.These wetlands disappeared fast during the steep rise in population since 70s, and therein appeared dreadfully congested human settlements. The municipality pumps out accumulated rainwater now to the river Haora during heavy precipitation. It is protected from river outflow by an earthen embankment. Tripura is in the Highest Damage Risk Zone in respect of earthquake. It is a high rainfall area too.