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The Park

I see a neighborhood park, Park Gulmohar. Quiet, no qualms, no demands, compromising in nature and high on tolerance level. Personally I believe, that it is because of the Park there is more sun light, people are warmer because they come out of their homes, meet in the Park and talk. Here I make an attempt to know what the Park thinks of us – the daily visitors.

The Vandals-

Requirement for a cell phone usage control norm/standard

This headline may raise eye-brows! Why there should be a control standard? But there are several instances I feel that we lag behind a standardized method to control cellphones. Almost all of us use cell phone now a day. This device has amazing functional capabilities like musical ringtones, cameras, music players, voice recorders, internet, and many more. The problem is that, with the devices being carried by almost everyone, a lot of problems arise. At times, people really fail to manage this equipment with due intelligence and maturity.

Peepli Live - Few thoughts shared!

During my trip to Calcutta during last weekend, I went to catch Peepli ‘Live’ at a theater on EM Bypass. I admit, after the time Aamir Khan has become ‘only once quality project once in a year’ as actor/producer/director whatever, I like his offerings, not considering box office results i.e. 3 Idiots versus Mangal Pandey. And I was not disappointed.

Let’s talk about the mechanism how in India every public property gets senselessly privatized - The IPL way!

A little slow execution of scams and lesser amount of parties would have extended good times for Lalit Modi! As per income tax estimation, he bought a watercraft, a reclusive jet, a fleet of Mercedes S-class cars and everything! He gave every feasible deal to do with IPL to his relatives and friends and parentage or to groups whom he owing money - so that they don't arise behind him. Again, this is as per that study which came out in ET.

Teaching one child at a time

Well, I just think we may take a look at the working model of Bangalore based Parikrma Humanity Foundation.

Get somebody else's SQL please..!

This shows a typical instance of Project Manager's incompetence about technology. I bet many techies had cursed his/her Project Manager because of real life scenarios like below.

This also has a funny side, just see the problem with the MySQL part. I am sure that the team facing that problem went at the bottom of that and the 'product' was delivered. :-D

Here’s the cartoon. Enjoy,

How to know when Google indexed your site last time?

Here I share one quick trick to track when Google last 'Crawled' your website/blog/page etc. I know there are various ways but for me its the simplest and fastest. Hit or use the browser search box (configures in order to use Google search only) and type the name of your web page/blog etc.

The ‘buzz’ about Google Buzz!

Most of us Netizens involved in social networking – more or less. Sensible approach of internet social networking is indeed fun and nice platform for interaction. Although ‘Sensible approach’ is a subjective phrase and over here and it may differ from person to person.

Using Google Alerts

How many of you use this nice service from Google?

But for those who don’t, here is the know - how. Go to and login with your account id and passcode. Now let’s say you want to be notified whenever there is something new on the web on that topic (or at least the part that Google has in its gloves);

Simple Wordpress Search trick

Here’s a trick at times I use to search stuffs within a website. I assume people may already know and use this one. But I thought it's worth sharing.

There are so many websites you can find are based on WordPress engine. Also there are ones which do not have a search box (i.e. You go to this site and look for some specific information. Of course, there is no search box on this site. Simply you can Google but the below stated trick is really simpler.